Tumblr is For the Birds

Sing Along with Walter the Wassailing Wreath!

I hope you all have a HAPPY Holiday!


My christmas short/card/ecard/dumb cartoon is completed!

I’ll post it up here tomorrow!

A Day in the Life of a “One-Man Show” Animator

Record voice for character in short; Get nothing…

Four tries later; get frustrated; give up recording

Look for public domain Christmas carols to use in lieu of my voice; find nothing; use Burl Ives and Frank Sinatra recordings instead

Have second thoughts; worry about copyright issues for Youtube; try recording again

Think I got right voice; tries recording; messes up constantly; gets too late to record

Uses Burl Ives recordings again; gets frustrated


More progress!I CAN DO IT! 

More progress!


Coming soon…

Coming soon…