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If you spot this hairy creature strolling through Comic-Con, yell “SMEARS!” at him and if he hears you, he’ll fist bump you and let you on your merry way!

If you spot this hairy creature strolling through Comic-Con, yell “SMEARS!” at him and if he hears you, he’ll fist bump you and let you on your merry way!



[warnings for: sexual abuse/assault, pedophilia/ephebophilia, general abuse, gaslighting, cheating, ableism, suicide mention, self-harm mention, racism]


  • tumblr: superpsyguy
  • twitter: SuperPsyGuy
  • facebook fanpage: SuperPsyGuy
  • personal facebook: Bryon Beaubien
  • deviantart: psyguy (+ the account abberuin; now deactivated)
  • newgrounds: Psyguy
  • bandcamp: Psyguy
  • website: fireball20xl.com [hub] / gg-guys.com (if you are planning to visit these sites, make sure you adblocker is turned on so he can’t make any money from views)

Psyguy, aka Bryon Beaubien, has committed acts of pedophilia, sexual abuse, general abuse, sexual grooming, and more. He is known by many of his works, the most popular being Wha-Chow (podcast) and GG-Guys (general video game comic, drawn by Crikey Dave and written by Beaubien). Below is a breakdown of accounts from ex-friends, ex-girlfriends, past flings, etc. concerning his acts against them. These are not all of the things he’s done, but if we listed every single terrible thing he’s committed this list would be novel-length.

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I know I probably should’ve spoken about this sooner, but I felt I really had nothing worthwhile to add or say about the matter that Shan, Liz, Tara, Cailen and the others have already said about their experiences with Psy. But now’s a better time than never.

Before meeting Kirb and interacting on Skype with people, my presence on the internet was extremely limited. I didn’t think of the internet as a serious place you could devote your life to. But after interacting with people like Psy…Psy was the way I found out how awful and negative aspects of the internet can be.

Kirb was a friend and classmate of mine in college, and he introduced me to a lot of people who eventually became my friends: Tara, Liz, Cory, Cailen and Shan, who eventually became (and still is) my girlfriend. Kirb also introduced me to Psy, inviting me into a few of his Wha-Chow podcasts. Through those few and brief interactions, I really couldn’t gauge what kind of person Psy was other than he was sort of the self-appointed leader of the show and he just had this overbearing presence, both inside and outside the show.

He came off to me as sort of an egotist; he was just sort of this guy who had that way about him, so I didn’t pay it any mind. After interacting more with Shan, Tara, and Liz, and I heard more about him, I picked up on some things, but I didn’t think it was much that was serious. Shan would talk to me, but she never brought up too much—she was still in her shell, being antagonized by Psy for so long, and I just assumed she was just a shy person. I didn’t realize that part of that was because of what she was dealing with between Psy and Dave.

Eventually, Shan and I began dating, and I ultimately realized how much of a negative effect Psy and Dave left on Shan’s psyche. Over time, I slowly managed to boost Shan’s self esteem up a little bit, but then there’d be times where Psy and Dave would somehow come back into her life, rope her back in, and completely break her all over again. Seeing this up so close, and seeing this affect someone I would see and talk to every day, it really began to shock and anger me that these two people could have such a drastic negative impact on one person, to the point where she felt she had little to no value in her life whatsoever. And then, hearing about Tara and Liz’s experiences with Psy, it made his behavior seem all the more criminal.

My interactions with him were minimal, but generally negative. For example, I made a passive remark that vaguely was about how uncreative and how much of a coat tail rider he was. Through multiple Tumblr ask exchanges, he tried to put me down, but I wouldn’t let him bother me. He was trying to put Shan down at the same time, making remarks about how I had learn to vague post from her. My way of approaching people like Psy, who have an ignorant and childish way about communicating to other people, is to disregard anything they say as bullshit, so his words didn’t get to me like they would to other people. Shan, on the other hand, was pretty upset about it.

After that, I didn’t really have any other personal interactions with Psy. He would try to butter me up, though, by saying I was cool, and that everybody liked me, but I took everything he said with a grain of salt. I couldn’t take anything he said seriously from that point on, especially because I knew how much he would try to hurt Shan. There were time where Shan would call me in a suicidal fit, and no matter what was bothering her, I subconsciously would always put Psy’s face on it, because I knew he was the cause of most of Shan’s psychological grief.
That all being said, I fully support what Psy’s victims have done to stop him and put him in his place, and I’m proud of and fully respect each one of them. Being a guy, there’s no way I can fully comprehend what his victims have gone through, and to this day even still go through. I was witness to the effects of what one of his victims went through, I can’t imagine what it was like for the others. All I can do is spread the word and support their actions.

What were the questions you didn't want to answer? Tell ussss

Some of them were very inappropriate, one was offensive and one was just sorta creepy. Just leave it up to your imagination.

I didn't ask them either, I hope you're not mad. Whoever it was who asked the inappropriate questions doesn't deserve an answer

Oh no, I ain’t mad. Just really really confused HAHA

Will we be able to get your bird buttons anywhere else or is Comic-Con the only place to get them? I have a feeling people are going to want more of the buttons once you've unveiled the whole project!

For now, Comic-Con will be the first and only place to get the buttons. But depending on if there’s enough of a demand for them (I doubt it) I might make an online store where you can buy them.

Mike they weren't all by me. I only asked if you'd ever considered working in India, I have no clue who the other person asking about china and Korea is. The other one was asking about your thoughts on the last belle short film a while ago, and that's about it. I've never gotten around to making a tumbler account or twitter.

Oh no no, your questions weren’t the problematic ones. There were a few others I got that were pretty far-out and were discarded almost immediately. Sorry to add to the confusion.

I am now the proud (and giddy) owner an original Sunday page by one of the greatest cartoonists of all time.

I am now the proud (and giddy) owner an original Sunday page by one of the greatest cartoonists of all time.

Why do I get the sneaky suspicion that all of my recent “interesting” asks on Tumblr have come from one or several individuals who I personally know that have an affinity for pulling pranks and playing tricks?

danteasaurus replied to your post: anonymous said:If all animation w…

Why wouldn’t you move overseas? Would you move into a different field if it came down too it?

Being an artist, there’s still plenty of opportunities in many different fields that I can go to in this country before resorting to moving outside of it. There’s a lot of red tape one has to go through to do all this, and honestly it wouldn’t be worth even trying, at least for me.

Do you have anything against animation from China, Korea and India? Our quality of work is improving dramatically.

Of course not, and I absolutely agree that the work coming out of other countries has vastly improved over the years. They all do wonderful stuff! I just personally would never move to another country to work for probably lower pay. Honestly, I’d rather take up another line of work rather than move out of my own country.